Your mission is our mission
Spinner Dolphins
We can get through this tough situation together. 

We are a company specializing in consulting services for people who are looking for quality of life, as well, we respect the culture and environment, always keeping the sustainability principles. 
Would you like to invest, buying, or selling products in these terms? Please send us a message. 


Do you appreciate a relaxed life? 

We are a company specialized in giving consultancy services for investors looking for favorable conditions for business development, with an attractive system of investment incentives and an advantageous tax regime and benefits, always keeping the sustainability principles. We also work with D2 and Golden Visa, helping you with all the documents you need for it. Are you interested? Please, send us a message to know which kind of investment is the best for you.


Who are we? 

- Consulting services for investors who want to buy hotels, houses, restaurants, etc. 
- Consulting services for Venture Capitals or private investors. 
D2 and Golden Visa. 
- D2C Business in the whole world. 
Consult for companies to trade their products. 
Are you interested? Please, contact us.

What we do? 

I have been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years. I have the experience to help with all this consulting, assisting companies trading their products all over the world, and providing customers to buy what they need.
Moreover, Portugal is a safe country to live in, and the Portuguese government is looking for investors, giving many opportunities for people who want to invest in the country. 
It is a safe place to stay in our new world situation.

Why do we do it? 




ー 日本の職人技とカルチャーを世界と繋ぎ

ー 積極的にグローバリゼーションの挑戦する方を


Camara de Lobos, panoramic view, Madeira





Meditating in Nature

​みなさんRelax lifeできていますか?

​常にRelaxできる環境で自分時間を楽しみ、「ちょっと物足りない事への快適さ」を快適に過ごすRelax lifeをグローバルで体感してください

Relax lifeに興味をお持ちいただいた方々とお会いできる事を楽しみにしております。